Healing and Balinese Ritual Purification at Beji Waterfall

Griya Beji Pungul Village, Indonesia

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Bali Healers and Balinese Ritual Purification Ceremonies

Healers in Bali go by several titles such as Balian, Pemangku, Brahmana, or Pedanda. You may also hear them referred to as Peranda, Dukun, or Shaman.

The Methodology

There will be an initial meeting in which the healer will engage a range of techniques to ascertain the well-being, imbalances and possibly past lives of the individual. He will study the person’s name, palm and aura. Balian Taksu then enters a trance state and invites Naga (The Balinese Dragon Spirit) to enter him. In a few minutes time, Taksu will SHARE his findings. He may be able to derive significant life events, traumas, past lives, future events, warnings, etc. Many Balinese healers have the ability to derive this type of information. What sets the gifted Balian apart is the offering of a cure or direction a prescription, if you will.

The Melukat Purification Ritual

In order to purify the aura and karma from past lives, align and clear the chakras, and remove disease, Balian Taksu will invite the individual back for an evening Melukat on an auspicious day such as Kajeng Kliwon (a day in the Balinese calendar which is believed to have magical power), purnama (full moon), tilem (new moon), or a variety of others. Based on information received while in trance, Taksu will determine the type and quantity of fresh flowers that will be soaked in holy water (tirtha) for use in the cleansing ceremony.

Bali healer ceremony offering

A Balinese healer (in the white sarong) performs a Melukat Cleansing Ritual at a sacred site complete with waterfalls and natural springs

The seeker will sit on a stool opposite the shrine and vessel containing the sacred water and flowers (top image above). Balian Taksu will enter a naga trance, recite mantras and ask the participant to meditate on a specific concept or god. He will then ladle the holy water and now sacred flowers upon the head of the person seeking purification, if it is decided that further purification is necessary, the Balian may prescribe a more intensive Melukat ritual that will take place at a confluence of rivers and waterfalls.


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Soul Purification by Holy Water
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